Saturday, September 28th from 8am – 12pm & Sunday, September 29th from 8am – 11am

Stilt Workshop ~ Not For Beginners

COST: $80/Person

Cirque Roots is excited to host a weekend STILT Workshop! Brittany a.k.a. " B-Town" will be teaching all the long legged shenanigans! Details here:

Can walk on stilts already!
Must have own stilts! Feel free to reach out to us with questions****

*** Feel free to email us if you are interested in beginner stilts***

Saturday Sept 28:
8am- Intro and Stilt Specific Warmup off stilts
9am- Up on Stilts Warmup / Site Specific Improv Neighborhood
9:30am- Stilt Dance Techniques / Learn Dance Choreo
11:00am-Partner Work w/balances and statues / use of props
11:30am- Cool Down / Ground Stretches w/ Stilts

Sunday Sept 29:
8am- Warmup on and off stilts
8-10:00am- Stilt Acrobatics w/solo ground work and w/partner
10:00am- 11:00 - Stilt Dance

Wednesday, October 2nd • 7:30 pm

Stretch Club with Joanna Lynne Smith

Train your body to become more bendy by using elements of contortion, yin yoga, and circus conditioning in this hour and a half class. 

Join Joanna (and a movie for distraction!) to work on passive and active flexibility with solo and partner stretches, props, and techniques to work you past your edge! 

COST: $5/Person

** Super excited to be bringing back the monthly movie stretch club, ya'll! thanks to Cirque Roots for hosting! ♥ **

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