Saturday, November 3 • 10am - 1pm and 2 - 5pm

Standing Fancy Dancey Acro with Precision Acrobatics

Cost: Early-bird of $72 before 9/15
Regular price: $90


Join us in November for a 6 hour workshop focusing on standing acrobatics and dance lifts. During this workshop we will utilize tempo and timing to find ways into standing tricks that are less about brute strength and more about finesse and ease.

Pre-requisites include:
> Two high
> Thigh stand
> L-basing, 30" tuck sit
> Super solid spotting skills

Ariel and Liz began their acrobatics partnership in 2009; dare we say it was love at first flight?

Motivated by the interplay of strength and receptivity, Ariel and Liz are known for challenging their students with new material in a way that is safe and attainable. As a similar-sized female duo, they have worked diligently to understand the technique required for advanced tricks, and they love to share how these can work for EVERY BODY. Precision Acrobatics is committed to providing a safe training space, continually evolving their practice so their teachings reflect their values of communication, trust, inclusivity, and accountability.

Ariel has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and certifications in the following yoga disciplines: Ashtanga, AcroYoga, YogaSlackers, Thai Massage/Pranassage.

Liz is a licensed physical therapist and is certified in the following disciplines: massage therapy, yoga therapy, and YogaSlackers.

Wednesday, October 3rd • 7:30pm

Stretch Club with Joanna Lynne Smith

Train your body to become more bendy by using elements of contortion, yin yoga, and circus conditioning in this hour and a half class. 

Join Joanna (and a movie for distraction!) to work on passive and active flexibility with solo and partner stretches, props, and techniques to work you past your edge! 

Cost: $5/Person

** Super excited to be bringing back the monthly movie stretch club, ya'll! thanks to Cirque Roots for hosting! ♥ **


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